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UltraSleeper Plus

UltraSleeper Plus This resilient floating sleeper floor system includes a 10mm EPDM rubber pad fixed to laminated sleepers.  This system delivers players a uniform playing surface with exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. System Summary System Height 2-5/8” (54mm) using 25/32” (20mm) flooring Laminated sleepers 3/8” (10mm) EPDM rubber pads For specific project conditions or modifications [...]


UltraSleeper The UltraSleeper floating maple sports flooring system features two layers of plywood on top of rubber pads.  This extra layer of stability gives this system a uniform and reliable playing surface with exceptional ball response. System Summary System Height 2-1/8” (54mm) Two layers of 15/32” (12mm) plywood 3/8” (10mm) EPDM rubber pads For specific [...]

Ultrapanel ULP

Ultrapanel ULP Ultrapanel ULP floating maple sports floor system includes a multi-cellular flexible foam pad, two layers of plywood and northern hard maple.  This systems low profile and foam underlay give players a uniform and predictable playing surface. System Summary System Height 2”(50mm) Two layers of 12mm plywood 1/4” (6mm)  closed cell foam pad underlayment [...]


SportsFloor THE EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL SPORTS FLOORING SPORTSFLOOR surfaces are manufactured through the combination of different elastomer combinations to achieve a unique level of flexibility, resistance to usage and impact absorption. SPORTSFLOOR products are not only recyclable but also in compliance with both indoor air quality and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emission requirements. [...]


DYNAPOINT 14+3 Dynapoint 14+3 our most cushioned poured polyurethane floor.  With a 14mm base mat and 3mm topcoat, this synthetic flooring system offers users superior shock absorption and injury reduction for about 1/3 the cost of traditional wood flooring systems. System Summary Excellent for Sport & Multi-purpose Applications High Load Bearing and Tensile Strength Fully [...]


DYNAPOINT 9+2 Dynapoint 9+2 poured polyurethane sports flooring system is constructed with a 9mm recycled base pad, and 2mm polyurethane top coat.  This synthetic system has excellent cushioned, point elastic properties, giving  users superior comfort and versatility. System Summary Ideal Multipurpose surface for school and college Use Accepts Heavy Loads Fully DIN/ASTM Tested Excellent Ball [...]


DYNAPOINT 7+2 Dynapoint 7+2 is the ideal indoor athletic flooring for school gymnasiums and multi-use applications.  This seamless 9mm poured polyurethane system is comprised of a 7mm  rubber base mat and a 2mm two-component polyurethane wear layer,  offering excellent durability and scuff resistance. System Summary 9mm Thickness Seamless Surface for Low Maintenance Ideal Multipurpose surface [...]


VSPORT 910 Designed for competitive sport performance. Due to its high shock absorption capacity, this is the most efficient option in its range for high impact sports. With a total of 9.1 mm, this surface combines comfort, durability while meeting the highest industry standards. System Summary 9.1 mm Thickness 15 Year Wear Layer Warranty Installed [...]


                        Recreational Sports            Multi-purpose                Competitive Sports VSPORT 710 Ideal for a great variety of sports VSport 710 is a versatile and performant sports flooring. Through its unique design it offers premium sports [...]

Ultrapanel HP

Ultrapanel HP ULTRAPanel HP is floating resilient maple athletic utilizing northern hard maple harvested, milled and graded in Canada.  This system is DIN Compliant and passes all standards for shock absorption and ball rebound of DIN 18032 ULTRAPanel HP is suitable for all sporting applications including competitive gymnasiums, aerobic and dance floors. System Summary System [...]

Action Anchor Flex

Action Anchor Flex Action’s AnchorFlex floor system features a factory fabricated subfloor system with open cell foam pad and polymer anchor T-Block retainers for dimensional stability and strength. The Action AnchorFlex is highly resilient, has uniform feel, and consistent shock absorption to maximize playability and reduce potential injuries. System Summary System Height 1-7/8” (48mm) using [...]

Action PowerChannel

Action PowerChannel The Action PowerChannel utilizes high-performance 7/16″(11mm) AirTech natural rubber pads attached to a durable laminated sleeper retained within an anchored continuous steel channel to deliver a floor system with stability, and strength. System Summary System Height 2-7/8” (73mm) using 25/32” (20mm) flooring Factory welded steel encased sleepers ¾” solid sub floor layer Concrete [...]

Action ProAir AR

Action ProAir AR The anchored resilient ProAir AR system combines 7/16″ AirTech natural rubber pads, anchored resilient wide body sleepers, continuous subfloor sheathing and Action maple flooring to create a system with dimensional stability, strength, and great ball response. System Summary System Height 2-1/2” (64mm) using 25/32” (20mm) flooring Solid 15/32” subfloor sheathing 7/8” thick [...]


ActionFlex ActionFlex is a resilient system using a continuous multi-cellular flexible foam pad, two layers of 15/32” sheathing and Action maple strip hardwood flooring. This floating resilient system provides uniform performance and great ball response. System Summary System Height 2” (50mm) using 25/32” (20mm) flooring Two layers of 15/32” rated sheathing ¼” closed cell foam [...]

Pro Action Thrust

Pro Action Thrust This performance floating resilient floor system is specifically engineered to exceed all of the highest performance criteria that athletes expect and facilities demand. Performance certified to be MFMA PUR Compliant, DIN 18032-2 (2001) & (1991), ASTM F2772, EN and FIBA compliant. The ProAction Thrust floor system features ProAction variable load response natural [...]

Action Thrust 1

Action Thrust 1 The Action Thrust I is a floating system that provides superb shock absorption, and with two layers of sheathing and two natural rubber-pad options, it can be tailored to meet your performance standards. The Action Thrust I Floor System is an excellent choice for gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms as well as aerobic and [...]

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