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VSPORT 910 Designed for competitive sport performance. Due to its high shock absorption capacity, this is the most efficient option in its range for high impact sports. With a total of 9.1 mm, this surface combines comfort, durability while meeting the highest industry standards. System Summary 9.1 mm Thickness 15 Year Wear Layer Warranty Installed [...]


                        Recreational Sports            Multi-purpose                Competitive Sports VSPORT 710 Ideal for a great variety of sports VSport 710 is a versatile and performant sports flooring. Through its unique design it offers premium sports [...]


                        Recreational Sports             Multi-purpose               Competitive Sports VSPORT 550 Our most versatile & durable vinyl flooring system Ideal for multi-use areas such as elementary school gyms, cafeterias, dance studios and more, VSport 550 HD [...]


VSPORT 350 VSPORT 350 is a hybrid PVC surface, ideal for both sports and multifunctional use. Designed to be durable and easy to maintain, it also has the advantage of an added layer of comfort for its users. System Summary 3.5 mm thickness Installed By Factory Trained & Authorized Dealer ASTM F2772 (Class 1) compliant [...]

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