MondoArmor MondoArmor is a double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with embossed surfaces. With a combination of two layers of different densities, the product resists wear and the weight of sports equipment while providing optimal shock absorption and energy return. Functional training can address strength, coordination, performance, speed, or balance. Such varied workouts call for a versatile [...]


Ramflex Our Ramflex flooring consists of two layers of vulcanized rubber with a hammered surface finish. This flooring is highly resistant to heavy machinery and dropped weights and provides excellent shock absorbency and stability, making it ideal for weight rooms and conditioning areas. Hundreds of different exercises are available to those looking to train their [...]

Sport Impact

Sport Impact Our Sport Impact flooring consists of two layers of vulcanized rubber. The top layer is extra thick to resist lacerations and heavy loads and the underlayer provides stability and uniform shock absorption. Whether athletes are powerlifting, core training or using free weights, nothing other than their own fatigue should limit the intensity of [...]


SportsFloor THE EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL SPORTS FLOORING SPORTSFLOOR surfaces are manufactured through the combination of different elastomer combinations to achieve a unique level of flexibility, resistance to usage and impact absorption. SPORTSFLOOR products are not only recyclable but also in compliance with both indoor air quality and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emission requirements. [...]

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