Wall Mounted Backstops

Jaypro wall mounted backstops are ideal for side courts and where low ceilings or other factors prohibit the use of other types of backstops. Simple, rigid designs provide years of top quality performance.

Available in stationary or folding designs (see below). Also available in multiple combinations of fan and rectangular backboards and rims. Optional height adjusters can be used with all wall mounted designs. Please specify backboard, goal style and extension. Contact Jaypro or your local Dealer for additional information on wall mounted backstops.

1300 Stationary Backstop

The 1300 stationary backstop is used for extensions up to 4’. This simple rigid design is an economical choice that will provide years of quality play.

1310 Stationary Backstop

The 1310 stationary backstop is the economical choice for extensions from 4’-12’ from the wall. Simple, rugged design provides years of quality play.

1400 Fold Up Backstop

The 1400 fold up backstop is available with extensions ranging from 4’-12’. Backboard is raised and lowered by manual or electric winch. Jaypro recommends the use of safe straps (PL-1000) on all 1400 units.

1500 Side Fold Backstop

The 1500 side fold backstop is ideal where lack of ceiling height prohibits an up-fold style backstop. Available extensions range from 4’-12’. Manually opera ted cross brace securely locks the backstop into playing position.

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We’ve installed quite a few quite a few sports floors over the years. From school gymnasiums and running tracks, to weight training rooms and dance studios, we’ve done it. Check out our project gallery to view some of our amazing wood and resilient athletic flooring installations.

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