Wall Padding

Standard Wall Pads

Padding provides excellent wall protection to absorb shock impact and reduce noise levels in any facility. Vinyl covered panels are made of 2” thick foam with OSB exterior grade wood backing. Mounting options include 1” nailing margin or Z clip channel (shown below). Mounting hardware not included.

JWC-J0062’ x 6’Standard Wall Pad w/1” lip
JWC-J006Z2’ x 6’Standard Wall Pad w/Z-clip
JWC-J0052’ x 5’Standard Wall Pad w/1” lip
JWC-J005Z2’ x 5’Standard Wall Pad w/Z-clip

Class A Flame Retardant Pads

Similar to standard wall pads except include a 2” highly flame resistant polymerized open cell foam.

JWCA-J0062’ x 6’Class A Wall Pad w/1” lip
JWCA-J006Z2’ x 6’Class A Wall Pad w/Z-clip
JWCA-J0052’ x 5’Class A Wall Pad w/1” lip
JWCA-J005Z2’ x 5’Class A Wall Pad w/Z-clip

Wall padding is available in standard 2’x5’ or 2’x6’ panels. Custom sizes, lettering, graphics and eco-friendly wall pads are also available!

Wall Padding Colors Choices: Color may not be an exact match

Z-Clip Mounting System
The Z-Clip system offers a cleaner look for your wall pads by eliminating the 1” lip at the top of the pad. It also provides an easier way to install and remove the wall padding.

Installation Techniques

1” Nail Margins

Z-Clip Mounting

Add an extra margin of safety around wall columns or I-beams in your facility. These 2″ thick polyurethane foam pads have grommets or hook-and-eye closure along both sides for easy installation.

Plywood backed
COP-230 Two sided/1” lip top & bottom (COPZ-230 / Z-Clip – no lip)
COP-330 Three sided/1” lip top & bottom (COPZ-330 / Z-Clip – no lip)

Sewn (no plywood backing)
COV-230 Two sided/velcro attach (COG-230 / Grommet flap attach)
COV-330 Three sided/velcro attach (COG-330 / Grommet flap attach)

I-Beam Wrap
All I-Beam pads are 6’ high. The last digit in the part number designates the I-Beam width.
CSP-IB-6 6’Hx6’’W
CSP-IB-8 6’Hx8’’W

Column Pads

Corner Pads

I-Beam Wrap

Gymnasium Equipment Projects

We’ve installed quite a few quite a few sports floors over the years. From school gymnasiums and running tracks, to weight training rooms and dance studios, we’ve done it. Check out our project gallery to view some of our amazing wood and resilient athletic flooring installations.

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