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Sport Flooring Maintenance

Caliber Sport is pleased to offer a wide array of solutions for maintaining your new sport surface or bringing an older floor back to life. Proper care and maintenance of your sport surface is critical to improving its longevity and protecting your valuable investment.

There are several ways that Caliber Sport Systems can help:

Hardwood Floors

Complete re-sand / re-finishing:
Deep sanding and refinishing of your hardwood floor system is recommended every 8-12 years depending upon usage and maintenance. Caliber offers complete re-sand & re-finishing service including deep sanding and application of all lines, custom staining, and logos. We can even replace or remove floor sockets during this process.

Its recommended that Hardwood sport floors are buffed & re-coated on an annual basis in order to prolong the life of the floor, maintain proper co-efficient of friction, and build adequate finish over top of the lines and graphics on your floor. Caliber can save your facilities staff time and money by re-coating your floors for you. Our technicians work with all types of floor finishes including water based, oil based and moisture cure polyurethanes.

Poured Polyurethane Floors

In order to breath some life into your aging poured polyurethane sport floor Caliber Sport can re-paint the floor and re-apply the game lines. This is a cost effective way to give your floor a new look.

Re-pour & re-painting:
In the event that your existing poured polyurethane floor has damage throughout its surface Caliber Sport can resurface your floor with a new layer of polyurethane and and all new game lines.

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