Taking Care of Your New Maple Sports Floor

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Preserve the longevity of your maple sports floor and avoid having to unnecessarily refinish or replace them by making these simple steps apart of your daily maintenance routine.

Five Steps for Proper Daily Maintenance:

  1. Outside dirt can act like sandpaper on your floor finish, that’s why sweeping your maple sports floor with a properly treated dust mop is crucial. If the floor is used heavily, you may need to sweep as many as three times a day. To avoid unnecessary outside dirt getting on your floors we recommend using indoor shoes with non-marking soles whenever possible.
  2. Wipe up spills and any moisture on the floor.
  3. Remove heel marks using an approved floor cleaner applied with a soft cloth or dusting mop.
  4. Make sure the heating/ventilating/air conditioning system is functioning properly, and set to maintain indoor relative humidity between 35% and 50% year round. In areas of consistently high or low outside humidity, a 15% fluctuation will not adversely affect the maple.
  5. Wood is naturally porous and can absorb and release moisture. If the humidity in your facility rises, your wood floor will absorb that moisture, causing it to expand. If the humidity falls, your wood floor will release moisture, causing it to shrink.
  6. Many installations include expansion voids around the perimeter and around columns or floor inserts, plus expansion joints built into the floor surface. These features permit natural, normal expansion and contraction without damage to the floor. Too much moisture causes abnormal expansion which can lead to cupping or buckling of your floor. In abnormally dry conditions, the wood will contract, leaving separations between flooring strips.
  7. Inspect floor for tightening or shrinkage. During wet weather, check for water leakage around doors and windows. Remove debris from expansion voids.

Never Do the Following:

  1. NEVER shut down the ventilating system in your facility for a prolonged period of time.
  2. NEVER use household cleaning products or procedures. They can be harmful to the floor finish and to the wood and may also leave floors sticky or slippery, and potentially harmful to athletes. Your sport surfacing contractor will recommend the right cleaning and maintenance materials for your maple sports floor.
  3. NEVER clean your maple sport floor using scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers which use water under any pressure. Water is your floor’s worst enemy!
  4. NEVER attempt to modify or repair your maple sports floor without first consulting your sports surfacing contractor.

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